Saturday, November 26, 2011

The ladies leave their drawers

Of late we have come upon a very suitable arrangement, one that benefits our customers and ourselves in the supply of new knobs for drawers. As they wish customers' can bring their drawers to our store and we fit new knobs of their choice from our endless range, for a very small extra fee. Who would have thought that this arrangement is available? It works very well since we have all types and lengths of fixing screws. Of course we are happy to supply kitchen and other furniture knobs and handles of all types, styles and sizes, particularly when they are to match our excellent door handles and give a coordinated finish. Where kitchen handles are replaced, it is necessary to know the hole spacings so that the new handles suit. Thus it is helpful when customers bring in an old handle for us to take measurements from in order to supply new handles that fit perfectly.
So please feel free to bring your drawers to our showroom/stores at Cobh Cross, outside Carrigtwoill and we will be happy to fit new knobs for you. We do it gladly, and all our customers leave satisfied.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Desperate House Wife

She told me she had set her heart on it......It was an American thumb-latch type front door handle, but the point was it was not bought in my store 'Handle Supplies' at Cobh Cross, Industrial Estate across form the new Ballyseedy Home and Garden store outside Carrigtwohill.
I had to say I was reluctant to adjust handles bought elsewhere while I needed customers to buy my premium handles and have any adjustments made before they leave my store at no extra cost.
So anyway, this lady told me she was reliably informed by her joiner that I was the only man that could adjust her new door handle to fit her new front door which is 25 mm wider then the standard width for this type front door handlle and lock.

Well I just did it. I extended the tail bar on the rim-lock which is a type not used in Europe. Also I checked that the split spindle would reach the required length. Finally I provided longer new screws and a new fixing method.

So one less desperate house wife
Name and address of this lady with the publisher !!!
(and yes I can handle anything....tes tru

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Court House Doors.. nearly unhinged

We provided the parts to get them back swinging again...
Really this has happened this month, flood waters damaged the floor-spring pivot hinges on the double doors entering the Cork court-house on Washington Street and the doors nearly came off.

A specialist window and door repair man, Frank, repaired
them with parts provided by a specialist supplier (, that's us) we provided the parts that fitted on the door pivot hinges and attached them to new floor-springs. It was a little more complicated as the height of the door pivots we provided had to be just..... everything has to be this building

Hope we don't get to see this particular installation any time soon!!!!