Thursday, February 2, 2012

Front door lock trouble. pvc multipoint lock problems solved

Sometimes you hear a crunching sound.
When you try to open or lock your front door,
there is no movement of the door handle
which tells you the lock is jammed and broken. These are the type of front door locks where you require to lift up the door handle to engage the  lock before turning the key to lock the door.   These locks are easy to replace when you are supplied with the correct one.
We supply all makes of PVC door lock, we can advise you or your handyman how to fit them.   If required we will arrange for the lock replacement at a very reasonable charge. In some  cases part of the lock mechanism or gearbox can be replaced without  replacing the complete lock.

Many people who contact us tell us that their multipoint  lock  make is ISEO, this is a common make of lock cylinder (or barrel) and not the make
of multipoint lock which is separate from the cylinder. The cylinder seldom is the source of the problem.  It has to be removed before  the full multipoint lock is removed, see details of how you remove your cylinder on our web page. 

Front door handles often ware out and break as well, these can be replaced separately to the cylinder lock or the multipoint lock, we supply all the door handles that you lift to lock also, please contact us on 021 488 3131. or look us

The following are some of the multipoint locks we supply complete and in parts. Gu, Ferco, Roto, Lockmaster, Fx, ACB, KFV, Avocet, Yale, Mila,
Fuhr, Millenco & Maco. ERA 

Give me a call on 087 2577 649 or 021 488 3131  and your problems will be solved.

Fix the broken Post Box - Letter Plate

So many people don't know where to find a replacement for the broken flap on their front door letter plate-post box. You know why you should fix it, it makes to door look bad, and there's a constant draft.

Problem solved! just call. After giving us the measurements, we can usually supply you from stock. If not we will have your new post box in 3 days. Should you need help with installation we can sort that as well.

Have a look at our web page for our contact details and the easy way to our store. Our just give me, John, a call on 087 2577 649. So often what appears so difficult is actually so straight forward. Take for instance the lady who came by our store today from Glanmire; surprised to find us practically on her door step. We are on your door step now too, pay us by credit card and we will send you your new letter plate - postbox; job done.