Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fire exit door lock and push bars inside and outside solution

Below is the standard single door panic bolt with top and bottom door holding bolts, suitable for all public buildings in accordance with fire regulations.  Also below the outside handle that allows for access to the building from outside through the exit with the panic bolt fitted. The operation of the panic bolt from  the inside by pushing down on the cross bar over-rides the outside locking handle.  A sign 'Push bar to open'
is contained with this product and must be displayed on the inside of the door to comply with fire regulations.

 294 Single Panic Bolt     The Exidor 294 is an elegant and highly functional panic bolt for single and double door applications. Incorporated as standard is an automatic top trip and easy clean floor socket. The main body is fitted with an anti-thrust device which prevents leverage of both the top and bottom shoot bolts from their sockets. Suitable for use where inhabitants have no prior knowledge of door exit routine in an emergency.

* Non-handed (can be fitted to the left side or the right side of the door)
* Fire rated for use on steel and timber doors
* Surface mounted
* Closed arm design (touch bar option also available for doors used as regular access doors)
Exidor panic bolt

322 EC Lever Operated OAD c/w Euro Cylinder Lever operated OAD (outside access device, in this case a locking lever handle) suitable for use with the Exidor 200/300 series. Can be used in regular access from the outside.   Suitable for use where consideration of  access for fire fighting is required.

Please read our previous post on this matter for further information or email me your query  John O'Driscoll
Exidor ourside locking handle

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Handle Supplies bill-board goes up

We got the bill-board sign up today, John from Kerry happened to drop by the store to check on something and I asked him for a hand to get my bill-board sign up.  Just to prove that there are still people out there who will lend a hand at the drop of a hat, for three hours we used the fork lift, extension ladder and an assortment of rubber tape and metal framing to get the canvass bill-board up. It was a great advantage that John from Kerry normally works as a tree surgeon with my brother.  Now at least we can tell customers who want to find our store, 'if you are at the bill-board you are only 200 meters from our warehouse store'.
                                  For anyone who wants to visit our store we are just off the Cork-Waterford duel carriageway, first exit for Carrogtwohill travelling from Cork going east, then take direction Glounthaune for 400 meters and then turn left at the finger post sign 'Handle Supplies' into our estate, once you see the bill-board. Our store is situated behind Lakewood furniture.  Full road map details on