Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sliding door locks and handles

Replace your lock or handle on any sliding door, or aluminium door
or pvc door .....we have never yet failed to supply a suitable replacement.

How often we are told by our many customers that before they found us they were advised to replace the complete door where a lock or handle is broken.  As you can see the picture to the left  shows pvc or aluminium  lift and lock door handle that we supply to customers throughout Ireland.  Just because the handles you need are not  easily available does not mean we will have a problem supplying you by courier to your door, why not contact us and we will certainly use our many years of experience to get your door sliding smoothly and locking again.                                                

PVC and alu sliding door lock

This picture above shows a sliding door lock of the type where the door locks on to round headed pins on the frame.  The black levers below are used with this lock to engage the lock before locking the door by key in a euro cylinder (or barrel).  These locks do not have brand name on them so you need to send us a picture and detailed measurements to assist us in supplying the correct lock to you. l                   

These are a set of brushed alumium door knobs with centres of 70 mm and euro profile opening that we recently remodeled for as customer to use on french doors, these knobs are not available for any manufacturer as they were an in-store production at our warehouse showroom to suit a customer's specification .  On the left is a set of black levers for locking and unlocking sliding doors

Above is an aluminium sliding door lock  ...... the message here for you is that any lock and any handle can be easily be replaced, and with our help you do not have to replace the complete door unless to choose to do that.    Call  021 4883131

Friday, September 7, 2012

Door Knobs a popular choice- don't have your knuckles rapped

They is a continuing strong demand for good quality door knobs, judging by the number of customers we supply.  There are important points of information to be aware when deciding to have door knobs fitted to your doors. It is possible to do this with new and existing doors when handles are removed.  The door style has to be wide enough to carry the knob back far enough from the frame.
Also you need a  lock the suits the door knob, see my web page which will help describe this.   Suffice to say you need the knobs to be a least four inches back form the leading edge of the door. This is in order to make sure your knuckles are not rapped by catching them on the door frame when entering the room.

You can of course replace your present locks with four inch locks and fill the openings left by the old locks with suitable wood fillers and these can then be sanded and painted over.  In fact I recently supplied new doors knobs to a customer who kept her existing doors and changed the door locks from standard 2.5 inch vertical locks to four inch vertical locks to accomadate the knobs.

Rim locks are still available for installation with door knobs, for those who want a certain old-world look and feel.  Flat latches and tubular latches can be fitted with knobs also when key locking function is not required.  We are happy to advise you on this.  Please have a look at the porcelain and chrome door knobs on our we site , call us and we will have a door knob and matching locks that will suit you.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Higher security locks; anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-pick for your front and back doors

How do you make your front and back door locks as secure as possible?

 You need  high security cylinders, you can buy the best  from me, for all your external doors and if you wish, have the same key open all for your convenience. I can have them send securely to you by courier and nobody will know you changed your locks.

 It's simple, as most things in life are, when you know what type of product to use. Anti-snap cylinders prevent a common method used in burglary which is cylinder snapping. Snapping the cylinder is made much easier for the burglar if the cylinder is not flush fitting on the outside (that is smooth with the surface of the door handle), thus allowing for an easy hammer strike. So at a very minimum your euro-profile (barrel) cylinder locks (see the type in the picture) should be flush fitting when viewed from the outside. This is more critical for cylinders at the back or the side of the house because very often entry by snapping the front door cylinder is avoided as the burglar may be easily seen. Still it is so fast to gain entry in this way that most often nothing is noticed. You need to measure the cylinder to order the correct size, we can advise you on that as well.

Anti-drill cylinder locks speak for themselves, locks are commonly drilled out, so an anti-drill cylinder lock will protect you against this method of entry. In the case of anti-bump locks we are getting a little more technical, for this method of entry a burglar needs to be better equipped. A certain type of key is used combined with a few steps we do not need to go into here. Suffice it to say that if you feel the need to upgrade your locks it is well to install anti bump locks.

Anti-pick locks are high security, often key copy restricted as well giving extra piece of mind for people who require it. Key copy restriction is where new keys cannot be copied without the permission of the property owner and then normally supplied by the original lock supplier  We are glad to supply you theses at excellent trade prices. Give me a call on 021 488 3131 for all your needs at the best advice

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More security on your alu or pvc front door

How to make your front door lock on closing and so require a key to re-enter your house, even when your present front door lock does not allow for this?

Many people call and ask me to adjust their present front door multi-point (or lift and lock type) lock.  They need their front door lock upgraded; or an additional lock installed on the wooden, aluminium or PVC front door which will ensure that the door will lock on closing.  Then the door will never remain on the latch when they are inside or outside the house, unless they choose this option by setting  a button on the lock from the inside. Otherwise they have to key lock the door from the outside every time they leave the house, this is likely not to happen with teenage children and other scenarios.

 To eliminate this issue and increase security I have a simple solution. My solution has come about after a study of all the multi-point locks and handles which I sell.  I have looked at all the methods of adjusting these, which involve clutches and over-rides and split handles sets and thumb-turns which change the status of the multi-point lock when the house is occupied to when it is not. There is complicated ways to do it as well. The best solution is almost always the simplest, so I fit a night latch and rim lock to these doors. The existing multi-point lock is unaffected the rim lock night latch solution is in addition. Now when the door is closed the night latch locks it and a key to the rim cylinder is needed to open the door. The back set measurement (40 mm, 50 mm or 60 mm) of the night latch back-box has to be chosen to position the rim cylinder in the best fitting position on the door style. The door boring has to be done with care to get the 32 mm hole in the correct position. The button can be engaged on the back box to hold this lock open and so return the door to previous status for free entry during social gatherings etc.Give me a call on 021 4883131 or email me and I will provide the correct lock for you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Aluminium door locks

In the last couple of years l have had many customers who have come to me with a broken aluminium door lock. Some have be told in error that these locks cannot be bought anymore and it is best to replace the entire door, needless to say this is not true. In fact the exact locks can be supplied and it is a very straight forward job to replace them. These locks are in two parts, the cylinder or barrel is separate from the lock body or lockcase, as it is termed in the lock industry. The spacing between the centre of the spindle (square bar) and the centre of the keyhole is 48 mm usually and handles with this euro profile size and spacing are availale.
Newer doors may have a lock with a 92 mm centre to centre spacing and of course we sell these replacement locks as well. Normally there is no need to replace the handles when replacing the lock so long as a correct fitting lock is used.

For those with some fixing skills and a few tools including a drill, there is an inexpensive alternative even. We have developed and tested this solution for situations where the budget for repairs is smaller. We can supply a lock that fits with minimal alteration to the door and this works perfectly with the old handles.

So in a situation where you have a broken lock in an aluminium door, once you find us and contact me your problem will be sorted. Call out service is available for those customers who need a little help with the removel and refixing of the new lock.
have a look at my web site call me on 021 488 3131 or 087 2577 649 or drop into our warehouse store ar Cobh Cross, Carrigtwohill, behind Greenwood/Lakewood furniture store; just off the Cork-Midelton deul carriage-way, only 5 miles from Cork.
So many people are delighted when they find us and have their aluminiumdoor locks
replaired...if you read this blog tell your friends about it as they may need what we sell..I include here a picture of this lock which can be so hard to find!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A lock for double doors

Today I got a call from a joiner who needed a horizontal lock (used with knobs to position the knob away from the door frame and avoid rapping knuckles) for a rebated double doors. This was quite an unusual request as a horizontal lock is unusual and a rebated horizontal lock would be extra unusual. I looked in my store for a rebate set to fit the lock which I stock. Low and behold I was able to provide this customer with a rebated horizontal lock suitable for a rebated double doors. The only one in Ireland as they say, needless to say I had a very happy customer who called by my warehouse-store a couple of hours later and picked it up, of course I encouraged him to call again as a expert joiner customer like him would do with the very best source of door handles, locks and related hardware

I know some of you are wondering what a rebated door is, well that is where the front edge of the door is stepped to fit over a similar reverse step in the second door of double doors. This helps to get a better seal between the two doors in a double door set. You will know it when you see it. For these doors a rebate lock is required.
It is different from other mortise locks in that there is a step on the front of the lock to match the rebate step on the front of the door. See the exapmle of a rebate lock in the picture above, the rebate lock shown is a vertical lock used with lever handles not knobs. Call or email me for advice and have a lock at my web page

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Front door lock trouble. pvc multipoint lock problems solved

Sometimes you hear a crunching sound.
When you try to open or lock your front door,
there is no movement of the door handle
which tells you the lock is jammed and broken. These are the type of front door locks where you require to lift up the door handle to engage the  lock before turning the key to lock the door.   These locks are easy to replace when you are supplied with the correct one.
We supply all makes of PVC door lock, we can advise you or your handyman how to fit them.   If required we will arrange for the lock replacement at a very reasonable charge. In some  cases part of the lock mechanism or gearbox can be replaced without  replacing the complete lock.

Many people who contact us tell us that their multipoint  lock  make is ISEO, this is a common make of lock cylinder (or barrel) and not the make
of multipoint lock which is separate from the cylinder. The cylinder seldom is the source of the problem.  It has to be removed before  the full multipoint lock is removed, see details of how you remove your cylinder on our web page. 

Front door handles often ware out and break as well, these can be replaced separately to the cylinder lock or the multipoint lock, we supply all the door handles that you lift to lock also, please contact us on 021 488 3131. or look us

The following are some of the multipoint locks we supply complete and in parts. Gu, Ferco, Roto, Lockmaster, Fx, ACB, KFV, Avocet, Yale, Mila,
Fuhr, Millenco & Maco. ERA 

Give me a call on 087 2577 649 or 021 488 3131  and your problems will be solved.

Fix the broken Post Box - Letter Plate

So many people don't know where to find a replacement for the broken flap on their front door letter plate-post box. You know why you should fix it, it makes to door look bad, and there's a constant draft.

Problem solved! just call. After giving us the measurements, we can usually supply you from stock. If not we will have your new post box in 3 days. Should you need help with installation we can sort that as well.

Have a look at our web page for our contact details and the easy way to our store. Our just give me, John, a call on 087 2577 649. So often what appears so difficult is actually so straight forward. Take for instance the lady who came by our store today from Glanmire; surprised to find us practically on her door step. We are on your door step now too, pay us by credit card and we will send you your new letter plate - postbox; job done.