Friday, August 31, 2012

Higher security locks; anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-bump, anti-pick for your front and back doors

How do you make your front and back door locks as secure as possible?

 You need  high security cylinders, you can buy the best  from me, for all your external doors and if you wish, have the same key open all for your convenience. I can have them send securely to you by courier and nobody will know you changed your locks.

 It's simple, as most things in life are, when you know what type of product to use. Anti-snap cylinders prevent a common method used in burglary which is cylinder snapping. Snapping the cylinder is made much easier for the burglar if the cylinder is not flush fitting on the outside (that is smooth with the surface of the door handle), thus allowing for an easy hammer strike. So at a very minimum your euro-profile (barrel) cylinder locks (see the type in the picture) should be flush fitting when viewed from the outside. This is more critical for cylinders at the back or the side of the house because very often entry by snapping the front door cylinder is avoided as the burglar may be easily seen. Still it is so fast to gain entry in this way that most often nothing is noticed. You need to measure the cylinder to order the correct size, we can advise you on that as well.

Anti-drill cylinder locks speak for themselves, locks are commonly drilled out, so an anti-drill cylinder lock will protect you against this method of entry. In the case of anti-bump locks we are getting a little more technical, for this method of entry a burglar needs to be better equipped. A certain type of key is used combined with a few steps we do not need to go into here. Suffice it to say that if you feel the need to upgrade your locks it is well to install anti bump locks.

Anti-pick locks are high security, often key copy restricted as well giving extra piece of mind for people who require it. Key copy restriction is where new keys cannot be copied without the permission of the property owner and then normally supplied by the original lock supplier  We are glad to supply you theses at excellent trade prices. Give me a call on 021 488 3131 for all your needs at the best advice

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