Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fix the broken Post Box - Letter Plate

So many people don't know where to find a replacement for the broken flap on their front door letter plate-post box. You know why you should fix it, it makes to door look bad, and there's a constant draft.

Problem solved! just call. After giving us the measurements, we can usually supply you from stock. If not we will have your new post box in 3 days. Should you need help with installation we can sort that as well.

Have a look at our web page for our contact details and the easy way to our store. Our just give me, John, a call on 087 2577 649. So often what appears so difficult is actually so straight forward. Take for instance the lady who came by our store today from Glanmire; surprised to find us practically on her door step. We are on your door step now too, pay us by credit card and we will send you your new letter plate - postbox; job done.

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