Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A lock for double doors

Today I got a call from a joiner who needed a horizontal lock (used with knobs to position the knob away from the door frame and avoid rapping knuckles) for a rebated double doors. This was quite an unusual request as a horizontal lock is unusual and a rebated horizontal lock would be extra unusual. I looked in my store for a rebate set to fit the lock which I stock. Low and behold I was able to provide this customer with a rebated horizontal lock suitable for a rebated double doors. The only one in Ireland as they say, needless to say I had a very happy customer who called by my warehouse-store a couple of hours later and picked it up, of course I encouraged him to call again as a expert joiner customer like him would do with the very best source of door handles, locks and related hardware

I know some of you are wondering what a rebated door is, well that is where the front edge of the door is stepped to fit over a similar reverse step in the second door of double doors. This helps to get a better seal between the two doors in a double door set. You will know it when you see it. For these doors a rebate lock is required.
It is different from other mortise locks in that there is a step on the front of the lock to match the rebate step on the front of the door. See the exapmle of a rebate lock in the picture above, the rebate lock shown is a vertical lock used with lever handles not knobs. Call or email me for advice and have a lock at my web page

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