Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Have one key to open all the doors in your house

Too many keys, to lose and carry around
Hi, now for a small introduction into master key, keyed alike systems, restricted or registered key systems and where these systems can be useful and helpful to many people who would not normally come into contact with or have knowledge of these door lock and key systems.

So ...no need for technical speak or such mumbo jumbo...just practically if you would like to use one key on the back and front doors of your house, well this is very easy to arrange, you install keyed alike locks on the back and front doors. Then one key opens both doors. French windows and double doors cause major heartache when all have differents keys, key them all alike and one key opens all the doors to the house, the cost is usually no more then 15 euro more per door to have keyed alike locks supplied. Fitting can be arranged by us as well.

So what's a master key system in lay man's...well it sort of finding a key to every door!!!! in dwelling house terms a master key will open all the door locks internal and externel of the house.....a sub-master key or servant key will open only a specific door lock, for example a specific bedroom. The house front door in these circumstances would be termed a passing cylinder or lock where each different bedroom key would open the front door and one specific bedroom. So the master key is the only key that opens all doors .....the key to every door....for large organisations master keys are carried by maintenance supervisors and security people.

Restricted or registered keys have a specific number or code on the keys, these keys can only be copied with permission of the building (key and lock) owner at a specific locksmith or supplier.

More soon about grand master key systems, builder's key systems and higher security key systems. We provide them all at trade discounted prices...
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