Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sliding door locks and handles

Replace your lock or handle on any sliding door, or aluminium door
or pvc door .....we have never yet failed to supply a suitable replacement.

How often we are told by our many customers that before they found us they were advised to replace the complete door where a lock or handle is broken.  As you can see the picture to the left  shows pvc or aluminium  lift and lock door handle that we supply to customers throughout Ireland.  Just because the handles you need are not  easily available does not mean we will have a problem supplying you by courier to your door, why not contact us and we will certainly use our many years of experience to get your door sliding smoothly and locking again.                                                

PVC and alu sliding door lock

This picture above shows a sliding door lock of the type where the door locks on to round headed pins on the frame.  The black levers below are used with this lock to engage the lock before locking the door by key in a euro cylinder (or barrel).  These locks do not have brand name on them so you need to send us a picture and detailed measurements to assist us in supplying the correct lock to you. l                   

These are a set of brushed alumium door knobs with centres of 70 mm and euro profile opening that we recently remodeled for as customer to use on french doors, these knobs are not available for any manufacturer as they were an in-store production at our warehouse showroom to suit a customer's specification .  On the left is a set of black levers for locking and unlocking sliding doors

Above is an aluminium sliding door lock  ...... the message here for you is that any lock and any handle can be easily be replaced, and with our help you do not have to replace the complete door unless to choose to do that.    Call  021 4883131


  1. Read this important guide on the best locks and methods for securing sliding doors as they can be the favourite entry and exit point for burglars. They are often poorly secured and allow the removal of just about anything in your home. Find out how to protect your property more effectively.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, glad to add more advice on sliding doors and how to make them more secure. You can add a pair of locking bolts to you sliding door, I will do a blog on these soon. These bolts stop the sliding door form being easily lifted at the non-locking side. Most sliding doors have an upside down hook lock which prevents the door being lifted at the locking side. The locking push in bolts add security and we supply them, email me for more information on They are a secondary security device or something which helps add security to your home. As me a question? or add a comment...all the best John

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