Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Electronic digital lock, battery powered, fits most doors

The Yale Keyless Digital Lock brings many advantages, and can be fitted to timber doors just like a conventional lock. In fact with this retrofit option you could even keep your existing  night latch back box and save on installation! Yale Keyless Digital Lock lets you unlock your  door by entering a simple code. No keys, no hassle, no fuss – just keep a PIN number in your head! You can even create a temporary code to give other people access  when you want to, and delete that code just as easily.  Ideal for store rooms, and all doors that need keyless access.  PIN codes can be easily changed, and you get 10,000 door opening operations from a set of 4 batteries 1.5 volt of standard type. The screen goes black until touched.  Ideal for staff rooms, employee entrances and sports clubs.  Low battery warning signal and points to attach an external 9 volt battery, if the batterries go fully dead.
This product has got great reviews from our customers, a dead lock can be installed in addition to have key dead locking over-ride, if such is required. It is very simple to fit and operate, and we have a special promotional price on it until the end of February.  Please call us on 021 488 3131 or email
It comes in a stylish polished chrome finish.


  1. The manufacturer of this kind of lock does make sure that anyone could able to use it.

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