Friday, October 14, 2011

Is the flap off the letter box of you door many people cant find where to buy a new letter box or post box for their door when their existing one is broken, the outside flap off is the most usual fault,
well here's what ...if your letters come in through the door by passing through an outside flap on the exterior side of the door and a second inside flap

you have what is often termed a cassette letter plate, they come in a small number of standard formats and sizes, they are not sold in builders suppliers or DIY stores....they are sold in specialist outlets, such as my store Handle Supplies at Cobh Cross Carrigtwohill, just behind Greenwood Furniture, accross the road from Ballyseedy Home and Garden Store.

Get your new letter box or letter plate quickly and easily, visit
call 021 4883131...your ugly broken letter box is soon me ...John ..for advice


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