Monday, February 18, 2013

Remove and replace your euro cylinder (barrel) lock

Double cylinder (key both sides)
· Thumbturn cylinder
                                                                                                                (key outside and knob inside)
  To remove your cylinder lock firstly unlock and open the door.

·    Locate on the front edge of the door the cylinder fixing screw, (normally a large headed screw inline with the lower end of the cylinder) remove the screw.
·    Next turn the key in the cylinder to bring the cam in line with the body of the cylinder so that it can be withdrawn - the cam is hidden in the door so this has to be judged by feel - it is normally about 25° off of the unlocked key removal position. The illustration below shows the approximate position, but it may be clockwise rather than anticlockwise as shown. Note: If the cylinder fitted has a Thumb Turn knob, there is no need to use a key, just turn the knob to align the cam.
·    Slide out the cylinder to the key (or Thumb Turn knob) side. If the cylinder catches, try turning the key to about 25° on the other side of the key withdrawal position. If the cylinder will not slide out of the door, it may be that it is being pinched by the door furniture or the locking mechanism. In this event, the door handles and/or the locking mechanism may need to be loosened so that the cylinder is free to slide out.
·    Measure and note the 2 offset dimensions from the fixing screws (see illustration above) - if the offsets are different, note which side of the door each offset applies to.
·    If necessary, refit the cylinder in the door until a replacement is purchased - the procedure is just the reverse of removal but the cam can be aligned with the body by eye.
·    You can always call us for advice on 021 488 3131 of course we can arrange to assist you . Opening of doors and replacing cylinders where keys are lost  is also a service we can provide.  We stock and sell all sizes of cylinder, see an earlier blog on having one key open your front and back doors.  To get the right size cylinder for your door you need to call us for advice or email

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  1. Thanks for sharing these steps on how to install this kind of door lock. This will make the installation pretty easier.