Thursday, May 16, 2013

Front door handle replacement

Here is an example to a top of the class inquiry (genuine from today),  all the relevant information is given and it is very easy for me to tell the person that we stock this handle in white, chrome and gold colours and we can dispatch it without delay.   For others please take note of the measurements, the key ones being the distance between the centres (A), and the distance between the screws (B).  I will know most of these measurements for most of the available handles from memory, but I will need them from you to supply you with the correct replacement handle. I stock and sell all these type of handles, I can advise you on installation as well.
I'm trying to source a match for a front door handle and I've had no luck so far.  I've attached photos of the handle and the dimensions as indicated in the first attachment are:

A = 92mm
B = 122mm
C = 202mm
D = 52mm
E = 26mm

I would appreciate if you could let me know if you have this in stock and if so price.  If you don't have this in stock can you let me know if you can order it in.

Many thanks,
For the I have a table of handle measurements on my web site,
I sell all the matching letter boxes and multi-point (long strip locks) and cylinder (barrel) locks.  Please send me any question you have either here as a comment, email me on

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