Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Front door knocker and center knob, elegance and ageless quality

For your front door why not choose from the best in door knockers, that combine classical design with smooth modern lines. Match all your door fittings from the same manufacturer and with the style of your front door; you will then have a special looking house.  We offer you the best from international manufacturers who are as likely to be designing bespoke fittings  for mansions and palaces as the fittings for your house.
Please have a look at our web-site www.handlesupplies.ie and find a full range of front door fitting to suit all manner of architectural design.  Let our experience of dealing with the best manufacturers in the world of door fittings help you quickly find what you're looking for.  Call 021 4883131 or email john@emhardware.ie and we will open all the doors to all the world of the finest door fittings.  What we cant supply immediately form our warehouse store we will quickly supply to order.

Left is a center door knob finished in smooth clean lines that match the doctors knocker style above.                                                                                                                  Here the centre door knob and knocker are in polished brass, they are also available in brushed steel (satin chrome), polished chrome, bronze, and up to twelve other other finishes such as antique brass and old world antique silver.                                                                                                            Please have a look at our web site for more options on door knobs and knockers,   since these are premium products, they will not appear on the shelves of regular stores or even DIY chain stores. You need to come to our store or contact us to get easy access to these special products, reserved for elite customers with inside knowledge up until now.             


  1. I guess this is a great way to accessorize your front door. This doorknocker and center knob looks beautiful and really brings elegance. Thanks a lot for sharing this idea. I am really thinking of having them.

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