Saturday, May 18, 2013

Extra security on sliding patio doors. Locking bolts to stop sliding doors being lifted

A pair of keyed alike patio door secondary security locks
I have had some people in the USA  interested in these locks.
Nobody wants there sliding patio door getting easily lifted out of the frame from the outside and opened by burglars..

These locks come in pairs and each pair is keyed alike, one key will open both.  They are available in white and gray, normally the are fitted in the top and bottom corners of the non-locking side of an external sliding patio door.  Should you wish to increase the security further on your patio door you could fit two more of these locks on the locking side of the door.  The locks are screwed to the frame, right on the corner for support, and the bolts are pushed into the door in  pre-bored holes of the correct size.  The door is thus locked in place and cannot be lifted.

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  2. A fast service at a fair price is always good, we are lucky enough in Ireland that we don't suffer a major level of house break-ins. Very often a problem with a broken lock can be repaired without the need for an emergency visit by a locksmith as most houses have two exterior exit doors. One can be fixed closed until the replacement part is available in the normal run of business and service.