Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weiser type front door locks. Locking front door locks, Weisser locks

Entrance door locking knob  Weiser     we supply these in all types
I just got a email requesting me to sell a Weiser locking front door knob from a guy in Australia.  At first I did not realise where he was in the world I answered with advice and information on the problem.  I got an answer back asking me would I send a lock to Australia, and I said sure I would.  It appears there are so may Irish people in Australia now that someone from here advised that his broken lock was available from myself in Ireland.  Small world!!!  Keep the referrals coming.

These Weiser entrance door locks are used in some small hotel and guest houses.  There are two options available in these locks, one type has a button on the inside which is switched to lock the door on the inside, the other is called a store room variant of the lock, the inside knob has no keyhole or button, and so the door is always locked on closing from the outside.  This means you need a key to enter form the outside always.  I have hotel customers who used the store room version of the lock master keyed.  Check out my web site or give me a call on 021 488 3131 for more advice, or if it is more convienent email me on

The latches for these locks either the standard 60-70 mm adjustable or 125 mm long.   The knobs are available in polished brass or satin chrome (brushed steel)

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